Team Spotlight: Meet Chief Economic Officer Jim Stifler

Jim StiflerHudson’s Chief Economic Officer Jim Stifler, formerly a long-time financial services executive, applies his extensive enterprise and technical sales experience to improve the economic fortunes of one of Ohio’s great cities – Hudson!

How long have you been with the City of Hudson?

I have been an employee for 21 months, and a resident for 25 years.

What does a Chief Economic Officer do?

My role is to seek out expanding businesses looking for their next home and to retain the valuable base of employers already in our City.

In Ohio, cities depend on income taxes to fund their operations. Property taxes go largely to local schools and to the county. You pay income taxes to the city you work in, not the city you live in. My goal is to locate large numbers of high-paying jobs in Hudson as a result.

On a daily basis, my role calls for interactions with City Planners, Architects, Developers, CEOs, Founders, Commercial Realtors, Site Selectors, Government Agencies, Finance Authorities, and local government officials.

What big projects are you working on right now?

Hudson is developing its downtown core for the second time in 11 years.

In addition, I provide strategic oversight to our rapidly growing, City-owned, fiber-optic broadband business. Velocity Broadband is one of just three dozen municipal networks like this in the country!

Complimenting all of these efforts is my work with innovative start-ups that have qualified for mentor support at JumpStart Inc. in Cleveland. The work I do with start-ups and scale-ups each month informs the work I do with businesses here in Hudson. JumpStart is a public/private business acceleration program that is now two decades strong.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Connecting people and ideas! I am happiest when I am out of the office, breaking through barriers, forging deals that work for all parties, and working alongside visionaries. In my role I encounter fascinating people. I am also constantly reminded that we live in a democracy and that all opinions have value.

Favorite things to do outside of work?

Reading, gardening, being outdoors, biking, and golf.

Puppies or kittens?

Puppies – EVERYDAY. I have a 10-year-old puppy named Toby.

Interested in relocating to Hudson? Have questions regarding zoning requirements or local incentives? Ready to tour a business park? Whatever your questions, Jim is here to help! You can connect with Jim here.