Doing Business in Hudson

Fast, Friendly & Forward Thinking

Recent changes in Hudson’s land development code not only created a clear designation of the City’s standards and procedures for developers and businesses, but also a faster approval process. Now it’s even easier to move your business to Hudson. Our team is professional and eager to work with you.

Planning & Zoning

Development in Hudson's commercial districts has never been easier. Recent changes to the Land Development Code have streamlined the approval process for construction in Districts 6 and 8 (Western Hudson Gateway and Industrial/Business Park). These changes have already saved businesses valuable time and money and brought more jobs to Hudson. Apply online for various types of applications or permits.

The Land Development Code

The Land Development Code is a detailed document covering all aspects of land use within the City. 

Districts 5 Through 10: "By Right" and "Conditional" Uses

These are the districts within Hudson that allow some form of commercial activity. A brief overview of each district is available in the Zoning District Descriptions document. Detailed descriptions of each of the districts within the City, and the specific activities allowed therein, can be found in Chapter 1205 of the Land Development Code, and in our corresponding Zoning District Map. Districts 5 through 10 are outlines below:

  • District 5 – Downtown District (page 28)
  • District 6 – Western Hudson Gateway (page 38)
  • District 7 – Outer village Commercial Corridor (page 45)
  • District 8 – Industrial/Business Park (page 51)
  • District 9 – Darrowville Commercial Corridor (page 67)
  • District 10 Downtown District – Ravenna Road Corridor (page 73)

Utility Services

The City of Hudson provides water and electric utility services for a large portion of the City, including high-speed, all-fiber Velocity Broadband Internet. There are also privately owned utility companies, as well as other governmental agencies that provide utility services within Hudson. 

If you’re reviewing the codes and district descriptions and find you have questions, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.