Heritage Meets Innovation

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Hudson Innovates — Preparing the City for the Future

Hudson is ripe with innovation. Recently named a Smart21 Community by the Intelligent Communities Forum, Hudson is among an elite group of cities world-wide that have been recognized as innovation leaders. Hudson was the only city in the United States to be named to the Smart21 this year. A smart, sustainable city uses information and communication technology to improve quality of live, efficiency of operations and services, ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations. We are committed to looking at new applications to ensure we have the technology in place that will drive the City now and for the next 20 years.

Velocity Broadband leads the way.

We continue to be connected to our City’s history and tradition, while preparing Hudson for the future. Our City-owned high-speed fiber network,  Velocity Broadband, is the backbone that will equip Hudson for the digital economy of tomorrow. And what better place to start than in Hudson’s downtown.

Future-proofing Hudson with digital technology to aid with traffic, parking, pedestrian safety and more, will help preserve our past by minimizing the need for wider roads and more parking lots. At the same time it will attract residents and businesses eager to be a part of a thriving suburb with innovation on every corner.

Looking for a parking space? There’s an app for that.

Imagine the future. Rather than spending time looking for a parking space, there are applications available that can show open parking spaces in the downtown. With intelligent nodes added to street poles that can “sense” the environment around them, smart lights can help improve traffic, parking, crime, public safety, and asset management.

Tired of navigating rush hour traffic?

Smart technology can capture real-time data and make immediate changes to keep traffic flowing during peak times. This will help preserve our historic charm and character with better use of existing infrastructure rather than building new roads and parking spaces.

Smart lighting won’t leave you in the dark.

With intelligent sensors, street lights can turn on, off, or dim based on actual conditions. Lights can become brighter as cars approach and dim when traffic or pedestrians aren’t around to save energy and money. Step out of your car in a down-town parking area, and the streets lights will brighten as they sense you’re there. These are all possibilities for the future in downtown Hudson.

Technology for a Smart City

According to the National League of Cities, more than 60% U.S. cities are investing in smart city technology, and CompTIA reports that 6 in 10 U.S. citizens are interested in living in a smart city.

Smart technology and the Internet of Things offer endless possibilities to prepare cities for the digital economy. Autonomous vehicles, smart mobility and smart energy applications, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are quickly becoming part of our daily lives.

Today, massive amounts of data are being trans-ported from device to device that remotely operate everything from home security cameras to refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. It takes high-speed broadband networks like Velocity Broadband to handle the amount real-time data needed in to-day’s digital world.

Everything from vehicle charging stations, smart parking apps, to dynamic kiosks that display real-time information concerning traffic, weather and local news, all are potential new technologies we are investigating for use in downtown Hudson. While we don’t have formal plans in place yet, we are committed to exploring technologies available to ensure we have the technology in place that will drive the City now and for the next 20 years.