The District at Downtown Hudson


What is The District?

The District at Downtown Hudson

Redevelopment and expansion of downtown Hudson was first envisioned in the 1995 Comprehensive Plan. The community advanced the First Phase in the following years with the First & Main development which opened in 2004. The District is now being pursued with the recent adoption of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. The District will add new office space and housing options adjacent to the successful First & Main development. When completed, it will create an even more vibrant downtown with entertainment, dining, retail, office and residential housing – all within a walkable, mixed-use district that will sustain the future of downtown Hudson by creating new jobs, attracting a talented young workforce, and retaining empty nesters.

Current Area

Current Area

Proposed Area for The District

Proposed Area for The District

Why The District?

Choices. Innovation. Character.
The District is about honoring the past and building for the future. Connecting with the First & Main retail area, it adds vibrancy and innovation with new office space, exciting housing options, and green spaces that will attract young professional talent, while providing housing for empty nesters to enjoy the walkable vitality of an active downtown core.

Prime Location for Businesses

Economic Vitality. Innovation. Engaged Workforce.
The District leverages the success of Hudson's vibrant historic downtown district and combines it with the latest innovative technology, bringing new office space in a walkable, amenity-filled area that is critical to attracting today’s workforce. The historic charm, access to stores, restaurants and services, all in a beautiful walkable setting are key to attracting the new workforce.

Advantages for Residents

Choices. Connections. Experiences.
The District offers a live, work, play environment that extends our walkable, and downtown core. New housing options offer space for empty nesters who want to remain in Hudson and for young professionals who want to live where they work. Connections to the trail system, green spaces, and other amenities extend the experience and energy of our historic downtown and generate new, high-quality jobs that will increase the tax base of the community.

Benefits of a Live,Work, Play Environment

Increased Economic Vitality

Removing “industrial-like” facilities from the downtown allows for a vibrant, walkable mixed-use district that builds on the success of First & Main. The expanded live-work-play environment will attract young professionals and workforce talent, creating jobs and increasing our tax base.

Innovating Our Future

The District blends our historic heritage with technology of the 21st Century. The project will honor the traditions of the community while incorporating the technology needed to advance Hudson into the future. The City’s commitment to innovative technologies will appeal to today’s changing workforce.

Expanded Housing Choices

Providing housing options for under-served young professional and empty nester demographics addresses a crucial demand in the community. The District extends First & Main to create a vibrant downtown center, where residents can live, work, enjoy the outdoors, and support the local retail and restaurants.

Connected to the Community

Walkable neighborhoods are in high demand. Today’s workforce and residents want smaller, more affordable housing options, connected to where they work, shop, dine, and relax. Nature trails and greenspace will intertwine throughout the development, providing spaces for relaxation and recreation. Shopping, dining, services, events, and greenspaces are all within a five-minute walk from where you work or live in The District.