2019 Economic Development Highlights

February 10, 2020
On this week’s Hudson Headlines, Rhonda and Jim discuss the great year in economic development Hudson had in 2019 and what we can look forward to this year. Click read more to watch!
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State of the City 2020

January 30, 2020
Hudson City Manager Jane Howington delivered the 2020 State of the City Address at the January 29, 2020 Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon. The City of Hudson ended 2019 with a strong economic and financial outlook, including a 9.4% increase in income tax revenue, 39 new businesses, 432 estimated new jobs, and more.
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Hudson Economic Development Overview

January 22, 2020
Chief Economic Officer Jim Stifler recently provided an overview of the status of economic development efforts in Hudson. These efforts have resulted in previously vacant business parks being filled, and more businesses and jobs locating to Hudson, which results in more income tax revenue that is used to provide City services to residents.
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Happy Holidays from the City of Hudson!

December 23, 2019
It's the most wonderful time of the year - reflect, relax, and enjoy the holiday season! Happy Holidays from the City of Hudson!
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Hudson Named to Smart21 Communities for Third Year in a Row

November 14, 2019
The Intelligent Community Forum named Hudson as one of the world’s Smart21 Communities of 2020! This is the third year in a row in which Hudson has been honored for its leadership in innovation.
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We've Moved!

November 11, 2019
We've moved to 1140 Terex Road!
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How Hudson Became a Top7 Intelligent Community

August 20, 2019
Intelligent Community Forum Co-Founder John Jung spoke with Hudson City Manager Jane Howington and Chief Economic Officer Jim Stifler about the story of how Hudson became an Top7 Intelligent Community of 2019.
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Hudson Named Top U.S. City in Top 30 Intelligent Communities

August 8, 2019
Hudson was ranked as the top U.S. city in the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) comprehensive ranking of intelligent communities ranked by Broadband, one of the criteria of intelligent communities in the ICF Method. Hudson was 6th in the overall international list of cities.
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Hudson Headlines - Taxes

July 31, 2019
On this episode of Hudson Headlines, we're going to give you a quick walk through of how your taxes make the City of Hudson run, and how the City uses this revenue in a fiscally responsible manner to be able to provide services for residents today and into the future.
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Hudson Featured in Crain's for Intelligent Community Efforts

July 16, 2019
Hudson was not named the Intelligent Community of the Year for 2019, but that fact doesn't mean the city didn't come out of the process a winner, according to Jim Stifler, Hudson's chief economic officer.
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