Creating an Intelligent Community - Leadership Hudson

March 22, 2019
Leadership Hudson educates individuals who live and work in Hudson about the city government, schools, businesses, and organizations that make up the community. Throughout its 17 years, Leadership Hudson classes have collaborated to make innovative additions and improvements to the Hudson community to serve current and future needs.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - Drug Safe Hudson

March 18, 2019
The Hudson Police Department, the Hudson Community Foundation, Hudson Community First, and Hudson High School students have co-created a broad and inclusive coalition called Drug Safe Hudson, taking efforts into their own hands to prevent drug abuse and additional deaths from opioid overdose in Hudson.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - RAMCO

March 15, 2019
A few years ago, the City of Hudson and RAMCO Specialities, Inc. worked together to find a solution where this innovative company could stay and grow in Hudson. Fast forward to today and Hudson is home to RAMCO and its 165,000-square-foot state-of-the-art distribution headquarters and domestic manufacturing plant that has even more room to grow.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - Hack18

March 12, 2019
In 2018, the City of Hudson and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation held a civic Hackathon called Innovate Hudson: Hack18. This event brought together local students to find innovative solutions to a current challenge Hudson is facing: How to Attract Young Adults to Hudson.
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Velocity Broadband Isn't Just for Business Anymore

March 6, 2019
Big news! The City of Hudson has announced that additional addresses along the existing City-owned and operated fiber line are now eligible to sign up for Velocity Broadband internet and phone service!
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Creating an Intelligent Community - Seton Catholic School

March 6, 2019
Seton Catholic School, with a student body of approximately 420, has integrated extensive sustainability initiatives into its facilities and curriculum. The students at Seton Catholic are learning to be mindful of human impact on the planet and to think and live in terms of sustainability as they become future leaders in business, education, and government.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - Hudson Library

March 4, 2019
As a community leader, the Hudson Library & Historical Society promotes digital equality by introducing, educating, and empowering the community through the latest technological advancements. Learn about the multitude of programs and opportunities the Library provides for its patrons and citizens of Hudson.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - Hudson City School District

March 1, 2019
Hudson City School District's focus on digital equality, innovation, sustainability, extensively preparing students for college and the workforce, and more has aided in positioning Hudson for the future.
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2018 Trash and Recycling Trends in Hudson

February 28, 2019
Hudson's 2018 Trash and Recycling Trends are in. The majority of homes in Hudson utilize the City's Preferred Hauler Program.
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Creating an Intelligent Community - WRA

February 25, 2019
Hudson is focused on collaborating with local schools, organizations, and businesses to foster a greater sharing of knowledge and technology, to achieve efficiencies, and work toward common goals. Western Reserve Academy's open approach to innovation, technology, and the betterment of students has contributed to the furthering of these goals.
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