State of the City 2020

Hudson City Manager Jane Howington delivered the 2020 State of the City Address at the January 29, 2020 Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon. The City of Hudson ended 2019 with a strong economic and financial outlook, including a 9.4% increase in income tax revenue, 39 new businesses, 432 estimated new jobs, and more.

Looking forward to 2020, because of the growth in revenue and high fund carryover balance, the City is reinvesting in an accelerated road program that will not require borrowing money to accomplish. The City will also be focusing on storm water improvements and revisiting the Connectivity Plan.

The City’s fiscal responsibility has served Hudson well in 2019 and has helped prepare the City for the future.

Watch the full State of the City Address below.


January 30, 2020